Insurance & Financial

We realize that orthodontic treatment is expensive, and we will do all we can to make it affordable for you. We accept almost all insurance plans, which typically will cover about half of the total fee. Some of the companies we participate with include:

  • GHI
  • MetLife
  • Empire
  • CSEA
  • Fidelis/Medicaid

We also accept assignment from the insurance company, which means that they will pay us directly, so you don’t have to lay out the money and get reimbursed later. We allow you to pay your out-of-pocket expense (after insurance) over the time you or your child are in treatment, typically over a period of 20-24 months.

This allows you to make a relatively small monthly payment that most families can live with.

Our fees for orthodontic treatment are also among the most competitive in the area, often far less than other offices. Rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality care at a reasonable price.